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Latest 2020 the best quotes about life-50

2020 The Best quotes 
about life.


1. I am coming for everything
They said I couldn't have.

2. I was there for
Myself when no
One else was.

3. Never stop dreaming.
Life can go from zero to
One hundred real quick.

4. I don't know how I am going
To win . I just know I'm
Not going to lose.

5. Do something today
That your future self-
Will thank you for.

6. The days that break you
Are the days that make you

7. You will always. Be my
Happy place.

8. Never ever run back
To what broke you.

9. Never let your fear
Decide your future.

 There are no speed .
On the road to success.

11. Go the extra mile.
It's never crowded.

12. Once you see result,
It becomes an addiction.

13. I just want to get rich
And tell my mom she
Can quit her job.

14. You can't win in life if
You're losing in your mind.

15. I will never

16. My life feels like
A test I didn't
Study for

17. Respect is
Measure by
Not finances

18. Don't be embarrassed by
Your failures. Learn from
Them and start again.

19. It's time to show them
What you are made of.

20. Work hard in
Silence, let your
Success make the

21. Not everyone likes me
But not everyone

22. Behind every successful
Person, there are lot of
Unsuccessful years.

23. Buddy
Don't quite now.
A future with great
Days and beautiful
Night is waiting
For you.

24. Failure is a word
Unknown to me.

25. We all fall.
Few fucking
Dreamers get up.

26. If you see me less,
I'M making some
Change in my life
You're one of the.

27. Don't wait for
The storm to
Pass, learn to
Dance in the rain.

28. I am too insane to
Explain and you are too
Normal to understand.

29. Silent moves
Loud results.

30. Grow through,
What you
Go through.

31. You can't
Rush something
You want to last

32. Surround yourself with
Those on the same mission as you.

33. Forget average.
I want only the best.

34. Forget yesterday.
Stop saying tomorrow.
Let's kill it today.

35. If your life just
Got harder that
Means you just
Leveled up.

36. Be classy
Don't play
Their silly

37. Stop saying yes
To shit you hate.

38. Stop stressing
Over shitty

39. Mr. I'LL do it later"
Never owned a

40. Time doesn't heal you
You heal you.

41.you can't kill the spirit
Of the Lionheart.

42. Stay hungry.

43. I will be successful
Because I am crazy
Enough to think
That I cannot fail.

44. One day I am gonna look
Back and say yourself:
"I made it."

45. Your body can
Stand almost
Anything. It's
Your mind that 
You have to

46. Meet me at the top
The bottom was way
Too crowded.

47. It's not over
Until I win.

48. The moment you 
Start acting like
Life is a blessing,
It starts feeling
Like one.

49. 7 billion smile
And yours is 
My favourites

50. Sometimes you have to
Risk all for a dream
Only you can see.

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