2020 love quotes for her-40

love quotes for her

1. You are my.
Favourite feeling.

2. When I go to sleep at night
I m sleeping only 3%
97% I'm thinking of you.

3. My soul is in love with your 


4. Only you can
Make me feel 
This way

5. I'M Cary
For you.

6. I'M still healing into the
Person I'm meant
To be.

(Love me like you do)

7. Good relationship just 
Don't happen. They take 
Time, patience, and two
People who truly want to
Be together."

8. Even of
I had none left,
I'd make space
For you

9. What I have with you ,I 
Don't want with anyone else."

10.for every day, I miss you.
For every hour, i need you.
For every minute, I feel you.
For every second, I want you.
Forever I love you..

11. The most happiest
Moment of my
Life is,
When you told me you
Love me.

12. I need you likes 
A heart
Needs a

12. I will wait for you
Among the start.
Come find me
When you're ready.

13. You make me feel so
Safe, and 
 love it."

14. seeing your smile and
Hearing your voice is
The best part of my

15. Please stay
I want to feel 
How forever feels.

16. I am thankful for
Night that turned into
Morning, friends that
Turned into
Family, and dream that
Turned into reality.

17. I could
Start fires
What I feel 
For you.

18. Love asks me 
No questions
And gives me
Endless support.

19. You were my first my last.
There shall never be 
Another you. You are a
Lifetime. You are my life.

20. Without you ,I 
Will not be
Able to live.if
L lose you, I 
Will lose

21. I promise
No one will ever take
Your place in my heart
I am your forever.

22. Nothing in the 
World smells as
Good as the
Person you love.

23. After losing all I'VE lost,
The best part is
You're still here.

24. I will let you be
In my dreams
If I can be 
In your."

25. You are my sun,
My moon,
And all of my

26. Forever is not long
Enough with you."

27. If forever exists, I would 
Like to meet you there."

28. " You are,
And always
Have been, my dreams."

29. I love you more
Than there are
Starts in the 
Sky and fish in 
The sea.

30. If you ever get jealous
Remember, I chose you.
Out of everyone else."

31. I feel happy when you share.
Every small thing with me.

32. Looking into your eyes
I,at once, have found
A world where I 

33. I will never give up on you
Because losing you is
Like losing a part of me

34. Making memories with you,
Is my favorite thing to do."

35. My first marriage
Will be my only

(Love of my life)

35. Be with someone who
Would drive five hours,
Just to see you for one."

36. I want you today , tomorrow,
Next week, and for the rest of 
My life."

37. Love is the vital
Core of the soul,
And of all you 
See, only Love is

38. And now you're
Just a stranger
With all my 

39. My worst fear is

(Love is)

40. It's strange how
Sometimes we can find
Everything in one person."

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