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Latest 2020 positive quotes about life-40

Positive quotes about life.

Positive quotes for life

1. Only god can turn a mess
Into a message,
A test into a testimony,
A trial into a triumph,
A victim into a victory.
God is good all the time.

2. I don't care if I am selfie. After
Putting pol first for the longest
Time&being disappointed l 
Deserve to do whatever makes
Me feel happy.

3. At the end of the day you can either
Focus on what tearing you apart
Or what holding you together.

 4. You'll never find a rainbow
If you're looking down.
Keep your head up. You will get
Through it.

5. Never stop trying.
Never stop believing
Never give up.your
Day will come.

6. When you can't find the
Your own

7. Don't look at people's
Pictures on social media
& Wish you were them.
Nobody post their
Failures, focus on your

8. Sending love to
Everyone who's
Trying their best 
To heal from things
That they don't

9. Never s
Believing in
Hope because
Happen every 

10. Everyone's true color
Will show

11. God is in control,
When you allow him into
Year heart, he will fix your mess,
Change and transform you for
His Purpose!

12. sometimes
Strong women
Feel weak but
Good cry, get
Up again, and 
Face a new 

13. "Keep the smile,
Leave the tension,
Feel the joy,
Forget the worry,
Hold the peace,
Leave the pain and always be happy."

14. A relationship with god Is the
Most important relationship
You can have.
Trust in him and everything
Will always turn out find.

15. You deserve
The love you keep trying to
Give everyone else.

16. Life is too short
To worry about
Stupid things.
Have fun .fall in love.
Regret nothing, and 
Don't let people being
You down.

17. Be thankful
For your struggle
Because without it,
You would've never
Stumbled across
Your strength.

18. Sunsets are proof
That no matter
What happens,
Every day can end 

19. When things are tough
Be tougher.

20. One day you'll look
Back and realized that
You worried too much 
About things that don't
Really matter.

21. when you start taking care of
 yourself you start feeling better, you
Start looking better, and you start
To attract better. It 
All start within you.

22. Just be a good
Love who you can,
Help where you can,
Give what you can.

23. Everything in your life
Is a reflection of a choice
You have made. If you want
A different results make
A different choice.

24. Be happy where 
You are.
New circumstances
Or possession will not
Permanently. "Fix" your
Level of happiness until
You change your 

25. When I look back
On my life, I see
Pain , mistakes,
And heartache.
When I look in 
The mirror, I see
Strength, learned
Lesson, and pride
In myself.

26. Those people
Who tried to bury
You didn't
Know you were
A seed.

27. A smile is a curve
That sets everything

28. Be happy with what
You have, while
Still working for
What you want.

29. No matter what
Yesterday was like, birds
Always start the new day
With a song.

30. I am sending
You positive
Energy and 
A big healing
Hug right

31. Peace is 
Accepting today
Releasing yesterday,
And giving up the
Need to control

32. The less you respond to 
Negativity, more peaceful
Your life becomes.

33. No beauty shines
Brighter than that of a
Good heart.

34. "May 
Your choices
Reflect your
Not your

35. Sometimes you
Sometimes you

36. Look back at
Where you came from
And let yourself feel
Proud about
Your progress.
You are. Killing .it.

37. Push harder
If you want a

38. Be gentle
You're doing
The best
You can.

39. Thanks you God
For all the blessing
You have given me yesterday,
Today and for all of my tomorrow.

40. What's done is done,
What's gone is gone.
One of life's lesson
Is always moving on.

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