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2020 Good quotes-45



1. You will never
Understand the damage
You did to someone until
The same thing is done
To you. That's why
I'm here.

2. If you feel like
You're losing everything,
Remember that trees lose
Their leaves every year and
They still stand tall and
Wait, for better days
To come.

3. My parents aren't rich
But they've always found
A way to make sure I had
Anything I ever needed or
Wanted and for that I'm
Forever grateful.

4. Life only comes
Around once, so do
Whatever makes you
Happy, and be with
Whoever makes you

5. Stop expecting.
Start accepting.
Life becomes much easier.

6. Never forget the
People who take time
Out of their day yo
Check up on you.

7. Family first
No matter what.

8. Be happy
Not because everything is
Good, but because you can
See the good in everything.

9. The secret of living
Well and longer is:
Eat half, walk double,
Laugh triple and love
Without measure.

10. I'M at the stage of my life
Where I keep myself out of
Even if you tell me 1+1=
You're absolutely correct,

11. Just a year ago,
Things were so different.

12. My life. My
Choice. My
Mistake. My
Lesson. Not your

13. I am thankful for
Nights that turned into
Morning, friends that
Turned into family, and
Dreams that turned
Into reality.

Just believe
That good
Things are on
Their way.

15. When your parents are
Not rich but still
Afford to give you a
Beautiful life.
Appreciate their

16. my goals in 2020 is
To be filthy rich.
Rich in adventures,
Rich in health,
Rich in knowledge,
Rich in laughter,
Rich in family,
And rich in love

17. 2019: thanks
For the lesson.
2020: let's do this.

18. Always remember,
Someone s effort is a reflection of their
Intrest in you.

19. Chasing a dream,
Is always better than
Chasing a person.

20. Just because you don't
Share it social media,
Doesn't mean you're not up
To big thing. Live it and
Stay low key. Privacy is

21. Dear god,
Please touch all
Who read this with
Your healing and

22. Never stop being a
Good because
Of bad people.

23. One day , you will
Be at the place you
Always wanted to be.
Don't stop believing.
24. Re-set, re-adjust,
As many times as
You need to.

25. In 2020
I only want to be
Around the people who
Love me, not the ones
Who pretend they do .

26. Talking to your
Favorite person after a
Long tiring day is the
Best felling ever.

27. After this year,
I actually want to
Give myself a big
Hug because I am
Still standing.

28. We all broke our own
Rules for someone.

29.2020 will be about
Good vibes, bigger goals,
More happiness, less pain,
Stronger relationship and
Being more focused than ever.

30. Love doesn't need
To be perfect, it
Needs to be true.

31. One day
The sadness
Will end.

32.you can't change
How people feel
About you, so don't
Try just live your
Life and be happy.

33. Go for it,
Whether it ends
Good or bad, it
Was an experience.

34. Everything will be so
Good so soon just hang
In there& don't worry
About it too much.

35. 2020
A better me
Is coming.

36. Hello January,
Please make me smile
And happy. Please bring
Luck and success . Please
Be good and make my
Wishes come true.

37. I am a strong
Person. But once in a
While, I need someone
To hug me and tell
Me, "everything is
Going to be okay."

38. So Lucky to
Have you.

39. It might
'Take a year.
It might take a day.
But what's meant to
Be will always find
It's way.

40. Everything you
Deserves will be yours.
Be patient.

41. Family is
Anyone who loves
You unconditionally.

42. To understand
Another person,
You must swim in
The same waters
That drowned

43. Sometimes God breaks
Your heart to save
Your soul.

44. Life is the continuous adjustment
Of internal relation to external

45. Find
 Be that.

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