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1. "Travel is not
Really about
Leaving our homes,
But leaving our

2. "Don't think about
What can happen
In a month.
Don't think about
What can happen
In a year.
Focus on the 24 hours
In front you of you
&Do what you can to get closer
To where you
Want to be.

3. "I would rather
Be "annoying"
Positive and
Optimistic than
And hateful.

4." The secret to living well and longer is:
Eat half,
Walk double,
Laugh triple,
And love without

5. "If you have a dream, don't just sit
There. Gather courage to believe that
You can succeed and leave no stone
Unturned to make it a reality."

6. "People often
Say that
Doesn't last.
Neither does
That's why
Recommend it

7. "Make the leap, and go with your

8. "Passion
Is one great
Force that
Because if you're
About something
Then more you're willing to take

9. "The biggest risk is
Not taking any risk...
In a world that is
Changing really
Quickly,the only
Strategy that is
Guarantee d to fail is not taking risks.

10. "We are what
We repeatedly do.
Therefore, is
An act but a

11. "Treat employees like
They make a difference
And they will."

12. "Formal education will
Make you a living; self-
Education will make you
A fortune.

13. "At the end of the day , let
There be no excuses, no
Explanation, no regrets."

14. "A person who made
A mistake never tried
Anything new."

15. "First say to yourself what
You would be;and then do
What you have to do."

16. "There are no traffic jams
Along the extra mile."

17. "Not all dreams are
Winners, but all winners are

18. "It is never too lete to be
What you might have

19. "Times will change for the
Better when you change."

20. "You become what you

21. "The here and now is all we
Have and if we play it right
It's all we'll need."

22. "There has never been a
Meaningful life built on
Easy street."

23. "No one can make you
Feel inferior without
Your consent."

24. "It takes a great deal of
Courage to stand up to
Your enemies, but even more
To stand up to your friends."

25." You are more powerful
Than you know;you are
Beautiful just as you are."

26. "A woman is the full
Circles. Within her is the
Power to create, nurturer
And transform."

27. "Don't be afraid to speak up
For yourself. Keep fighting
For your dreams."

28. "The most effective way
to do it, is to do it."

29. "The power you have is to be
The best version of yourself
You can be, so you can
Create a better world."

30. "If you obey all the rules,
You miss all the fun."

31. "Courage is like a muscle. We
Strengthen it by use."

32." Power is not given to you
You have to take it."

33. "We can do no great
Things, only small things
With great love."

34. "If you want something said, ask
A man; if you want something
Done, ask a woman."

35. "A friend is someone who
Doesn't like the same
People you do.

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